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FloriPEFCR approved by European Commission

During the festive presentation of the important approval of the FloriPEFCR by the European Commission on 14 February, Vincent den Breejen and Tessa Lampis had the honour of attending on behalf of MPS. With the official recognition of this standard for environmental footprint calculations for flowers and plants, sustainability and transparency are at the heart of the European floriculture sector as never before.

As a consortium partner and active participant in the technical committee, MPS can be justifiably proud of this achievement and the approval from the European Union. The FloriPEFCR (Floriculture Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules) marks a major leap forward, allowing us to accurately measure the environmental impact of cut flowers and potted plants using 16 key indicators. This moment was made possible by the dedication and cooperation of various stakeholders, whom we would like to thank for their commitment!

We are determined to seamlessly integrate this standard into our HortiFootprint Calculator in the coming period, keeping you updated every step of the way. We eagerly look forward to the next phase, where the entire floriculture sector will come together to achieve the FloriPEFCR’s goals. With support from organisations like Floriculture Sustainability Initiative, we will develop tools that promote unity in methodology, data verification and exchange.

Let’s join hands and together build a greener future for the floriculture sector, flower by flower and plant by plant!

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