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MPS supports horticultural entrepreneurs worldwide in their efforts to operate more sustainably. MPS is committed to making the global horticulture sector more sustainable. We achieve this by making the sustainability efforts of horticultural companies transparent, measurable and demonstrable. For that purpose, we develop and manage a range of innovative certification standards and on- and offline tools. These certificates ensure that sustainability in the horticulture sector is increasingly becoming an integral part of the day-to-day business activities. MPS standards are internationally recognised and at the cutting edge of the horticulture industry. These standards not only concern the environment however, MPS also promotes sustainability with certificates for quality assurance and social aspects. In doing so, we offer the sector tools for the effective implementation of corporate sustainability.

For more information about MPS please visit www.my-mps.com.


LetsGrow.com is the state-of-the-art data platform in horticulture that empowers growers to strive for an optimal result. With the newest Al techniques, LetsGrow.com can transform data into valuable information

while keeping plant physiology in mind. With the combination of Expert Intelligence, tooling, growth models and calculations growers will be capable to grow more and of higher quality.

LetsGrow.com makes it possible to gather data out of almost any data source in the greenhouse. This way a grower is capable to digitize their data and to take Data Driven Growing in practice. All with one goal; to optimize their results!

For more information about LetsGrow.com please visit www.letsgrow.com.

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