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5 things you need to know about an environmental footprint

What exactly is an environmental footprint? And how can I use it for my company? These are surely questions that come to mind when you are working on your company’s sustainability strategy.

After reading this article, you will know what an environmental footprint is and why the resulting data is so important for your sustainability strategy.

An environmental footprint, the traces you leave behind

Environmental footprint calculations have been risingly emerging in recent years. More and more often, we see and hear about it in various industries. The environmental footprint is also known as the ecological footprint. An environmental footprint has several variants. The best known is the carbon footprint.

An environmental score based on CO2 emissions

Getting back to the question on how to use an environmental footprint for your business. Every business emits CO2, but many entrepreneurs have no idea exactly how much it is and where most of these emissions occur. An environmental footprint calculation is calculated at company level and incorporates all aspects of the business. This results in a so-called ‘environmental score’. The lower the score, the less CO2 you emit. To calculate your company’s environmental score, we use a specially developed calculation method.

Flori PEF-CR

We calculate the environmental footprint within floriculture using the Flori PEF-CR. This calculation method was developed by Wageningen University & Research and the Technical Secretariat in which many well-known names, such as Royal FloraHolland, participate within the sector. Flori PEF-CR stands for Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules. More simply explained, this method stands for various impact categories that are central within floriculture.

Benchmarking, the environmental footprint makes it possible

Using this method, every environmental footprint within Horticulture is calculated in the same way. This means that environmental scores resulting from these measurements can be compared at company level. This allows benchmarking within a growers’ organisation, but also with competitors and market leaders.

CO2 reduction, customised advice

Because you now have insight into the emissions per impact category, you can also explore how to reduce these CO2 emissions more easily, efficiently and quickly. Our HortiFootprint Calculator features a prediction tool, allowing you to test what impact various adjustments will have on your environmental footprint. With this environmental footprint, you can show the outside world that your company is actively reducing its CO2 emissions.

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