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Final FloriPEFCR at European Commission

MPS reached a major milestone on Friday 29 September. In cooperation with Royal FloraHolland and a number of other parties within the sector, the FloriPEFCR made its way to the European Commission for approval.

Development of the FloriPEFCR

Over the past few years, we have cooperated to make the FloriPEFCR the new standard when it comes to calculating the environmental impact of a (cut) flower or (potted) plant. The final version has now been submitted to the European Commission, which is expected to approve the FloriPEFCR by the end of this year.

The FloriPEFCR is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) based calculation method and includes 16 impact categories. The FloriPEFCR can even calculate the environmental footprint per stem or pot, from the sourcing of raw materials to the end of life of the product.

Previously, the EU lacked a recognised standardised calculation method for environmental footprinting. Consumers and trade parties in Europe also stepped up the pressure for flowers and plants with a good environmental score.

Next step towards more footprint calculations

After two rounds of feedback, the FloriPEFCR has reached a final version. When officially approved, it will be published on the European Commission’s website. The next step is to approve the tools that make it easier to use the FloriPEFCR.

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